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Launch Pharaohs of Zilliqa

A collection of 777 digitally sculpted Pharaohs. 400 Copper editions, 250 Silver, 100 Gold & 20 Diamond.

Seven Pharaohs will be held by the team for future 1/1 collaborations.

Bonding Curve

Pharaohs will be released in 10 batches. The sale of each batch will increase the cost of the following.


This is based on a bonding curve. 

Elements of Zilliqa Airdrop

The 66 Elements of Zilliqa holders will be airdropped a Pharaohs of Zilliqa NFT, in their corresponding element for free.


• Snapshot of token holders was taken on 2nd March 2022 at 9 pm GMT •

Pharaoh's Wheel of Fortune

Separate copper, silver, gold and diamond wheels will spin once a fortnight, with all holders represented by their edition number(s). The four selected holders will split a 10% royalty from that fortnight's resales, in ZIL.

The wheels will be spun at 9 pm GMT fortnightly on a Friday. This will ensure as many holders as possible can watch live.

Royalty shares will be airdropped to the selected holders. 

Please note - the spin frequency may change in the future, if the royalty share pool increases and remains consistent.

Exclusive First Spins

Once the Pharaohs of Zilliqa are sold, the four wheels will spin for the first time. The wheels are similar to the ones used for previous competitions and are random. To ensure the first spins have a large royalty share pool, 10% of all initial sales will be added on top of the 10% standard royalty. The first spins will be split between two holders from each wheel. 

A minimum royalty share pool of 116,725 ZIL split eight ways based on launch prices and zero resales. The final royalty pool is likely to be much higher than this.

This demonstrates the future earning potential of the Pharaohs, kick-starting higher resale prices and increasing royalty share earnings for holders.

Enter the Metaverse

A Pharaohs of Zilliqa clubhouse/dome within the Metapolis will be purchased.


The head of Metaverse & NFTs at Zilliqa, Sandra Tlibe, has confirmed it is possible to customise a dome to look like a pyramid. 

Final details are awaited, but the expectation is for somewhere Pharaohs of Zilliqa can meet, trade, and eventually watch the Pharaoh's Wheel of Fortune spins live!


Other possibilities include a members-only room within the pyramid. This will be where live auctions for the seven 1/1 collaboration Pharaohs will take place. Only Pharaoh holders will be able to make a winning bid on these exclusive Pharaohs! 

Ultimately, anything that will add extra utility to Pharaoh holders, will be considered.

Merch Store

Real-life and in Metapolis! Merchandise to include, but is not limited to, hoodies, t-shirts and accessories. The possibility of real-life sculptures of your Pharaoh, with the option to engrave them with your edition number.


A 10% royalty will be applied to all sales and added to the royalty share pool.


Pharaoh holders will receive $GOLD tokens periodically. 


At this stage in the project, the Pharaohs of Zilliqa will be a 777 strong community, with a vested interest. This will assist with promoting the ZILO launch of a $SHIB-like token on the Zilliqa blockchain. $GOLD will have high APRs, a large supply and a strong social media presence. 

Potential utility for $GOLD is an additional wheel within the Pharaoh's Metapolis pyramid. The $GOLD tokens can be exchanged for spins of the wheel. Rewards will include a 1/1 collaboration Pharaoh and Pharaohs the team have bought back from the secondary market. The $GOLD tokens used will be burnt, removing them from circulation and thus reducing the supply.

Further utility could include using $GOLD tokens to rent a Pharaoh's space from the holder on the Pharaoh's Wheel of Fortune spins.

Final $GOLD tokenomics and utility will be determined by the community. 

Holder Events and Benefits

The scale of benefits and events will be determined by the success of the Pharaohs and $GOLD token. The below may change subject to the community's preferences, and is in addition to The Pharaoh's Wheel of Fortune spins and $GOLD tokens:

On the lower end of the scale, holders will be able to claim exclusive merchandise and royalty shares from merchandise sales. 


Moving up the scale, tickets will be made available to sporting, music and crypto events, which can only be claimed by holders.

At the top end of the scale, there is the potential for holders to access worldwide private members clubs, such as Soho House. With the prospect of annual Pharaohs of Zilliqa parties, held at places fitting for a Pharaoh such as the Luxor, Las Vegas. 

It is important to note that events and benefits will depend on the success of the Pharaohs and $GOLD projects. Where the funds are available, they will be spent for the benefit of the Pharaohs.

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When is the official launch?

The NFTs are ready, pending ZRC-6 support and minter. This is expected in late February.

A countdown will appear at the top of this website. The countdown will indicate the drop of each Pharaoh batch, (batch 1 through to 10).

Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord for the latest updates. 

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How much will a Pharaoh of Zilliqa cost?

The price will start where the Elements of Zilliqa bonding curves finished - 

Copper: 750 ZIL Silver: 1250 ZIL Gold: 3250 ZIL Diamond: 17500 ZIL

The Pharaohs will be released in 10 batches. The batches will be staggered to ensure every time zone has ample opportunity to obtain their desired Pharaoh. Every batch drop will be announced via Twitter with a countdown at the top of this website.

• The price follows a bonding curve where each sale increases the value of the next batch •

Why should I buy rarer Pharaohs?

Each element has one wheel, with one fortnightly holder claiming a royalty share. For instance, if you hold a Copper Pharaoh, you have a 1 in 400 chance of claiming, compared to a 1 in 20 chance should you own a Diamond.

In theory, an owner of 20 Copper Pharaohs, will earn as much royalty share as an owner of 1 Diamond Pharaoh.

It is recommended to be involved in a way you feel comfortable with. Whether that be a Copper, Silver, Gold or Diamond Pharaoh. Similar to VeeFriends Core, Rare, Very Rare and Epic - it is better to be involved, even at Core, than not at all.  

Can I own more than one Pharaoh?

Building a strong community of Pharaohs, with as many individual holders as possible is the objective. A larger, stronger and happier community is key for the long term success of the project. 

The royalty share is chosen by your edition number & corresponding wallet address. In theory, multiple editions can be owned by one wallet address.

What if my Pharaoh is chosen but I have it up for sale?

A snapshot of all Pharaoh holders and their corresponding wallet addresses will be taken 30 minutes before the spins. This will prevent chosen Pharaohs from being bought with the sole intention of claiming the royalty share.

I own more than one Element of Zilliqa, will I get more than one Pharaoh?

Yes, one Pharaoh of Zilliqa will be airdropped per one Element of Zilliqa you hold in your wallet.

• Snapshot of holders was taken on 2nd March 2022 at 9 pm GMT •

How do I guarantee to get a Pharaoh on launch?

Currently, the only way to guarantee a Pharaoh on launch is to purchase an Elements of Zilliqa NFT on Sparda Wallet or ARKY.

• Snapshot of holders was taken on 2nd March 2022 at 9 pm GMT •

What is the Elements of Zilliqa contract address?


What do I need to do if my edition is chosen on the wheel?

Nothing. Your ZIL wallet address will be obtained from the snapshot taken prior to the spins. Your ZIL will be transferred to your wallet address shortly after.

It would be great to shout about your success on social media! This will help drive resales at higher prices, leading to an increased royalty share pool for future spins.


Three members of the core team own VeeFriends and will be attending VeeCon in 2022, 2023 and 2024. Representing all Pharaohs of Zilliqa (in merch of course!).

The team share a lot of Gary Vaynerchuk's values and ambitions, hoping to bring as much utility to the Pharaohs of Zilliqa as Gary brings to VeeFriends. Yes, this is a wild ambition, but it's what the team aspires to do.

What's in it for the developers to continue working on the project after launch?

This is a long term project. The royalty on sales will be 15%. 10% will be given out in royalty share, with 5% retained by the team. It's in the team's interest to keep the community happy, with resales and interest in the project high. This is to ensure continued, long-term royalty share, and once ready to launch $GOLD, there is a strong following and large social media presence. 

Like with Elements of Zilliqa - if new technology or trends come along, the community will always be part of the journey. A recent precedent was the replacement of the ZRC-1 by ZRC-6, or 3D art becoming more popular than traditional digital art/GIFs.


Elements of Zilliqa owners will be airdropped a free Pharaohs of Zilliqa NFT. The same would happen again if the artwork or contracts needed updating for the benefit of the community. All holders will be airdropped a new NFT for free. The team respects and appreciates the holder's investments in the Pharaohs of Zilliqa. 

This is a long term utility-driven project in order to build a strong community within the Zilliqa blockchain. 

What will you do with the profits?

As previously stated this is a long term project, initially focusing on growing the community. 

Some profits will be spent on purchases within the Metapolis or in other ways already discussed to bring more utility to holders. 

The team are firm believers in Zilliqa, and are more than happy to say that no profits will leave the Zilliqa ecosystem unless being used to reinvest in the Pharaohs of Zilliqa i.e. Twitter advertising, buying tickets and memberships etc. 

The goal is to increase the resale value and frequency so the team continually earn 5%. 

Any eventual surplus ZIL will be staked for many years to come.

What is the Metaverse/Metapolis?

The Metaverse is the World 3.0. The word refers to a shared virtual reality where everything and anything can be bought and sold just like on the markets, using cryptocurrency/ZIL. The Pharaohs of Zilliqa will soon make a unique entrance into the Metaverse.

What is the difference between ZRC-1 and ZRC-6?

ZRC-1 is the current standard for NFTs on the Zilliqa blockchain. All current Zilliqa NFTs, including Elements of Zilliqa, use ZRC-1. 

ZRC-6 is an updated version and allows for much greater utility. NFTs are so much more than just JPEGs and this is why the Pharaohs of Zilliqa will be ZRC-6 tokens. The team want you to love the art and appreciate the work that has gone into sculpting the Pharaohs. Most importantly, they want to demonstrate the real power of NFTs in the future, which is what the ZRC-6 release will enable them to do. 

Who are we?

A team of award-winning digital artists and marketing specialists based in London. Working with many industry leaders including Google and even the UAE government. 

A team eager to see how far the utility of an NFT can be pushed. A piece of art that holds far more hidden value than just the visual aesthetic.

What should I do now?

If you are happy with what you have read above and would like to join the Pharaohs of Zilliqa, please follow the official Twitter page and keep an eye on the countdown clock that will soon appear at the top of this website.


Choose which Pharaoh you would like to go for and get ready for the drop. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask them on our Discord or by direct messaging us on Twitter. 

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